If they cause division and dismay, they are not good

So really, only two of them are able to do 20s. I positive that the top vdhs and top protpals could have also done an AD20 had they got the key. Going back to monks though, when you only have two monks that can do 20s of keys other than AD, it hard to say if it because monks have an edge over vdhs and protpals or if it because their group just play better.

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I not sure why Licorice wasn S tier for you. I also think your lower half gets a little muddled. Lourlo has looked really good a lot of the time, while Darshan got camped by Reignover early https://www.cheapjerseyssalesupply.com, giving him the most first bloods, but he still managed to be down in gold by 10 minutes on average.

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I think what is different about my story is that I can identify with every story here and we only attended 7 or 8 MONTHS before we were kicked out. I am on the fence to this day as to calling it a “cult” or not. It has been difficult sharing our short but damaging experience because of the “look” we received from other Christians, especially in the beginning.

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At that time, he played Aurelion Sol extremely well. I also have this with Song “Fly” Yong jun [of LCK], I have this fantasy about players who have a mastery of Aurelion Sol. I immediately think “He knows how to play the game.” He a champion that enables high level playmaking in the early game but has a very high skill cap in order to achieve this.

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