Shox has proven his in game leading can win tournament(s) from

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wholesale jerseys from china It’s just only the results within this counter strike team that’s disappointing fans.Do you actually believe switching ex6z and/bodyy will suddenly make them an all star caliber team? I do agree that bodyy has turned into a bonafied scrub this last year and a half and he needs to be removed. But if having ex6z in bodyy spot will most likely have the same results.Shox has proven his in game leading can win tournament(s) from the old G2 to the “super team” G2.From the testimonies and interviews from past teammates, they all have stated he has the ability to play methodical and slow which of course doesn’t happen most of time. But if we’re going off results and statistics then 9/10 times you would choose Shox IGLing over Ex6z.Shox ain’t a Karrigan, Glaive, or Zeus so his IGLing isn’t as tactical. wholesale jerseys from china

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