The Allen Telescope Array (ATA) constructed by the SETI

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Here are 30 simple ideas for rewarding teams and team members. We know what gets recognized by an organization, often gets repeated. These are practical ideas that can be easily modified to fit most any organization or team situation. Every year, an average of 7,916 people die due to tsunamis. In the United States, up to five volcanoes each year have erupted since 1980. Hawaii and Alaska have the most volcanic eruptions.

Mary Frances Lofton Dedicated volunteer at Univ. Hosp.; cherished grandmother Mary Frances Lofton, 78, made her transition on Nov. 21, 2018. The Allen Telescope Array (ATA) constructed by the SETI Institute, is unique in that it is constructed of a large number of small (18 foot) dishes that, combined, form a phased array radio telescope. Because of the small size and relatively low cost of the individual dishes, the network can be expanded over time as budget permits. One interesting characteristic of this array is the large field of view the ATA directly imaged these pictures of M31 Andromeda and M33 Triangulum..

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As brilliant minds challenge themselves and each other, they focus all their energies and passions into trying to understand how nature works at the molecular level. Genetics history has been littered with scandal, great controversy, and Eureka moments so outstanding that they forever alter our perception of nature and role within it. It was Crick and Watson’s landmark paper on the structure of DNA that lit the fuse on the explosive growth in genetics and biotechnology.

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