The National Safety Council has its own take and says that

People who acted as governor for a period when the governor was out of state or unable to serve for a period are noted with their governor. It is possible other people acted as governor for short periods but were not recorded.^ The office of lieutenant governor was created in 2006 and was first filled in 2010.^ Livingston died in office; as vice president of the Legislative Council, Lawrence acted as governor for the remainder of the term.^ a b The National Governors Association states Paterson took office on October 30; however, older books specify that he took office on October 29.^ Howell was in Pennsylvania in command of the New Jersey militia during the Whiskey Rebellion; during his absence, Thomas Henderson, as vice president of the Legislative Council, acted as governor from September 20 to December 25, 1794. Lambert, as vice president of the Legislative Council, acted as governor until the next election.^ All official listings omit Kennedy, who acted as governor for four months.

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You saying that my issue is not valid because it is external and not internal. That may be against the norm, but I not well versed on the culture of this forum, and who the individuals are who guide that culture, and what their personal beliefs are. Am I ignorant, yes.

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