The statement was later expanded on

6 points submitted 5 days agoFor the first several hundred years of Christianity existence, there was (kind of) one unified church. Starting earlier and coming to a head in the 1050 the dude ultimately “in charge of” Christians in France, Italy, Spain, and England began asserting that he was also in charge of Christians in the rest of the world too. Those other people didn like that for several reasons (a major one being that this dude was espousing heretical beliefs) and so relations between the two were eventually severed.

At most you only need to use 2 memory slots on the motherboard. You can buy 4GB of RAM a few different ways. You can get a 2x2GB RAM package, you can buy 2 separate 2GB chips, you can buy a 4GB chip, you can get 2 2x1GB RAM packages, or you can get 4 separate 1GB chips.

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During 2010, various statements were made concerning future bomber aircraft for the United States Air Force. This included long range capabilities and more versatile and cost effective air strike power. The statement was later expanded on, when it was made known that the long range capabilities design would be continued with proven technologies.

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Within the EU, different tools are used to ensure fair and transparent taxation. For example, Member States are bound by far reaching new transparency rules and anti avoidance measures, thanks to the ambitious EU agenda against tax abuse. The EU also leads by example when it comes to implementing the OECD BEPS measures and international transparency standards, which are now enshrined in EU hard law..

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