This distribution comes with 6 CD and is available to download

The Notification Area has been designed to occupy less space and to show only a few system icons. The rest of the icons appear in a menu. You can also configure which icons and notifications should appear in the Notification Area.. We have to learn to lean on other people, to trust and to be honest. It means being as transparent as possible. It part of the 12 step process..

But it was not until last century that rockets that eventually would take man and his robot emissaries into space were developed.Modern rocketry began on a cold, snow covered field in Massachusetts on March 16, 1926. On that day Robert H. Goddard flew the first liquid fueled rocket.It was a gangly, Rube Goldberg affair, built to prove the concept more than anything.

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This distribution comes with 6 CD and is available to download | Muhamad Latif | 4.5