while riding their motorcycles

Today’s Birthdays: Actress Peggy McCay is 90. Actress Lois Smith is 87. Actress Monica Vitti is 86. Never knew that before. If you’re grading on a Melvin Upton curve, you might give him a B. Her books are packed with her sense of humor. She wrote about her foray into homebuilding in her book Someone Stole My Outhouse (2001). Her cabin was heated only by a wood stove, which provided plenty of material for her 2011 book Into the Heat: My Love Affair with Trees, Fire, Saws and Men..

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Born in Rossville on Sept., 20, 1940, he was the son of the late Clifford Houston Stewart and Letty Juanita Melton Stewart. Dale proudly served in the United States Air Force from May, 1960, to June, 1964, at McGuire Air Force Base. He continued on at McGuire until his retirement 22 years later from civil service.

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Berkshire Hathaway Buys Atlantic City Weekly February 24, 2015: The free distribution city guide Atlantic City Weekly (AC Weekly) has been purchased by the BH Media Group division of Berkshire Hathaway. The seller was Review Publishing Limited. AC Weekly distributes about 33,000 copies each week on the Jersey Shore.

Charles McKnight, then pastor of the church of Shrewsbury preached the sermon at his funeral at the Parsonage and not at the church.” His body was buried beneath the floor near the center of the present church building on White Hill where it still rests. It was buried there, it is said, for safety from possible molestation by English sympathizers in the Revolutionary War, probably the same that had annoyed and threatened and involved him in an unpleasant situation on account of his patriotism, just previous to his death. Forty one years after this, in 1818, a memorial tablet three feet by six feet in size, made of white marble and with a suitable inscription was placed in the wall of the church on the west side of the pulpit.

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The NFL championship is almost as popular as Thanksgiving Day. More than the championship itself, the half time shows during the Super Bowl games are highly anticipated as well. Many big stars have graced the game through their intermissions numbers during half time.

Add another $45 for a pair of 1GB DDR2 RAM (2GB total) and upgrade cost is under $100 assuming all the other parts are re usable. I’m betting the Celeron 430’s faster than the P4, too. Motherboard supports up to Q6600 and 4GB memory. When Ashton Kutcher comes out and says we been punked, then I stand again. But I won stand anymore. Added his protest would continue “as long as (Trump is) the president elect.”.

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